About me!

I think of myself as a quasi-normal finance guy. I studied finance at a large, public state university and started in the CFA Program a year after graduation. Career-wise, I work in finance. When I’m not working or reading, I enjoy dabbling on side projects related to programming, web development, and internet things. I grew up with the internet and have always played online with entrepreneurial or hobby side projects. Analyst Tricks would fall into that category.

Why Start Analyst Tricks?

I failed level 2 of the CFA on my first attempt as many do. It was painful. Digesting the news was tough. Finding the motivation to get back on the Level 2 Study Horse six months later was even more difficult. I failed with a higher band, and I attributed the fail to my complete blanking on terms, definitions, and formulas I felt I really understood conceptually.

On the second go around, I made sure that I wouldn’t simply forget these sort of things. I devoted time to making silly, memorable tricks and stories to recall CFA stuff. It apparently paid off. On my second attempt at Level 2, I passed. Analyst Tricks exists to share some of these CFA memory tricks with Candidates.


On a personal level, I’m a bit quirky, which is why I self describe myself as a typical quasi-finance guy. But I think most finance folks are a bit weird to begin with. I’m passionate about life hacks, being healthy, good food, minimalism, and traveling. This translates into drinking bulletproof coffee, lifting weights, living in an unnecessarily small studio, and wanderlusting all too often.

Have a question? 

Have any questions? Engage me on social media or contact me! Otherwise, check out the guides if you’re interested!


Again, this site has no affiliation with The CFA Institute and they do not endorse any of my guides or content. CFA is a registered trademark. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA Institute. The CFA Program and designation is great and something I hold in high regard professionally.