Launched! Memorization Tricks for CFA Level 2

With no further ado, my inaugural CFA Memorization Tricks Guide for CFA Level 2 is now available for purchase. Long overdo with the very-late launch, but that’s no surprise. You can purchase the Guide at a special inaugural launch price of $29.  The product will be updated and priced over $29 after June 2015. Bonuuuuus: Use Promo Code at15 for … Read More

CFA Fama French Model Memorization Trick

Fama-French Model for CFA

Below is a second excerpt from the Level 2 Analyst Tricks CFA Cram guide. The first sample trick is dealing with nonparallel yield curve twists. The Analyst Trick guide aims to offer quick, easy to recall memory tricks for CFA concepts that are otherwise easy to forget. Nothing is worse than getting to exam day, understanding the concept being tested, … Read More

CFA Non Parallel Yield Curve Shifts – Butterfly vs Twists

CFA Yield Curve Twists Butterfly

Below is a sample CFA memory trick from the Analyst Tricks CFA Level 2 Exam Memorization Tricks Guide. The 2015 Guide features 55 memorization tricks to help you cram for the CFA with just a month left of studying. List of L2 Topics Covered are mostly similar in nature. The Guide is aimed to help you memorize otherwise obscure terms … Read More

10 Harsh Reality Checks if You Just Passed CFA Level 1

CFA Level 2 Exam Soon

In my second post of my ‘Congratulations on passing Level 1 of the CFA Exam in December’ series, again: “Congrats“. This post is focused on motivating you for Level 2 and knocking you back into reality after a week of CFA Celebrations. I write this in good fun, having been there. So try not to get too depressed 😉 Recap: My … Read More

7 Ways to Celebrate Passing CFA Level I as a Finance Nerd

Level 1 CFA Exam Beach

The Level 1 CFA Exam results are in, and congratulations to all you new masochists who passed CFA Level I! CFA Level 1 came in with a pass rate of 44%. So you’re lucky compared to 42% in June 2014 and 42% in December 2013. However, Level 2 pass rates also ticked up last year. So it’s maybe not totally unexpected. … Read More

CFA 101: The Standard CFA Study Strategy

CFA Study strategy

What is the standard, rule-of-thumb,  study strategy for the CFA Exams? When I began the CFA Program several years ago, I asked colleagues and acquaintances how they studied for the CFA. Searching on the internet about how to study for the CFA as a complete novice is confusing and can be overwhelming at first, which led me to survey my real-life network. … Read More

Ultimate List of CFA Study Materials

CFA Exam Materials

It’s no secret – There is no lack of CFA study materials on the market. The CFA is growing in popularity, and publishers far and wide have responded accordingly by creating their own CFA Exam prep study programs, materials, and guides. The plethora of choice begs the question, “What do you actually need to study for the CFA Exam?” Answering this … Read More