Why I’m Creating CFA Analyst Tricks

Analyst Tricks aims to be a memory trick guide for the CFA exam. You probably get it by now. But why am I spending time making the guide? Why am I being a masochist developing the website, writing a guide, and otherwise wasting my numbered summer days? Why the Analyst Tricks CFA materials? Because. I. Failed. In my personal journey … Read More

About Analyst Tricks: The CFA Memorization, Study Hacks and Cram Guide

The results are in, and congrats to all the Level 1 and Level 2 candidates who passed! Less importantly, I’m back for a second blog post. As I mentioned previously, Analyst Tricks aspires to be a resource to help you hack the CFA and cram those parts of the CFA exam that require cramming, so you can spend your precious 300 hours … Read More

Welcome to AnalystTricks.com! First Post.

Welcome to the Analyst Tricks blog! AnalystTricks.com aims to become a new, different type of CFA study resource – a resource that will focus on memorization tricks, study hacks, and cramming tips. As I continue to finish the guide, website, and everything else behind the scenes, I will make periodic updates the blog regarding my plan, future guide, and mission here. Until then, try … Read More