CFA 101: The Standard CFA Study Strategy

CFA Study strategy

What is the standard, rule-of-thumb,  study strategy for the CFA Exams? When I began the CFA Program several years ago, I asked colleagues and acquaintances how they studied for the CFA. Searching on the internet about how to study for the CFA as a complete novice is confusing and can be overwhelming at first, which led me to survey my real-life network. … Read More

When to Start Studying for the June CFA Exam?

CFA Study Schedule

“When to start studying for the CFA?” is a timeless question of CFA candidates everywhere.  Some version of this “How many months should I study?” question is echoing online CFA forums everywhere this time of year. From my informal surveys of colleagues, 5-6 months prior to the June exam appears to be the rule of thumb. I think this is … Read More