10 Harsh Reality Checks if You Just Passed CFA Level 1

CFA Level 2 Exam Soon

In my second post of my ‘Congratulations on passing Level 1 of the CFA Exam in December’ series, again: “Congrats“. This post is focused on motivating you for Level 2 and knocking you back into reality after a week of CFA Celebrations. I write this in good fun, having been there. So try not to get too depressed 😉 Recap: My … Read More

7 Ways to Celebrate Passing CFA Level I as a Finance Nerd

Level 1 CFA Exam Beach

The Level 1 CFA Exam results are in, and congratulations to all you new masochists who passed CFA Level I! CFA Level 1 came in with a pass rate of 44%. So you’re lucky compared to 42% in June 2014 and 42% in December 2013. However, Level 2 pass rates also ticked up last year. So it’s maybe not totally unexpected. … Read More