CFA Fama French Model Memorization Trick

Fama-French Model for CFA

Below is a second excerpt from the Level 2 Analyst Tricks CFA Cram guide. The first sample trick is dealing with nonparallel yield curve twists. The Analyst Trick guide aims to offer quick, easy to recall memory tricks for CFA concepts that are otherwise easy to forget. Nothing is worse than getting to exam day, understanding the concept being tested, … Read More

CFA Non Parallel Yield Curve Shifts – Butterfly vs Twists

CFA Yield Curve Twists Butterfly

Below is a sample CFA memory trick from the Analyst Tricks CFA Level 2 Exam Memorization Tricks Guide. The 2015 Guide features 55 memorization tricks to help you cram for the CFA with just a month left of studying. List of L2 Topics Covered are mostly similar in nature. The Guide is aimed to help you memorize otherwise obscure terms … Read More