The Pomodoro Study Technique was made for CFA Studying

Pomodoro for Studying

The Pomodoro Technique is study method that’s become pretty popular among lifehackers the last few years. It’s not rocket science – the hardest part is pronouncing pomodor – but it works, especially for CFA studying. What is Pomodoro for CFA studying? 1. 25 Minute Study Sprint. Pomodoro is studying one topic or concept for 25 minutes with absolutely no interruption, and then taking a five … Read More

5 Ways to Get More From Caffeine & Coffee for Studying

I refused to be that guy who drank 5 cups of coffee a day. We all know that guy. That guy, the caffeine-drug-tolerance poster boy who became a caffeine addict and died of a heart attack at age 25. Caffeine consumption can reach a scary level during CFA study sessions. There are never enough hours in the day while simultaneously working full-time and … Read More

Why Bulletproof Coffee is the Dream Coffee for CFA Candidates

Best study coffee

It’s 1:00 pm on a Saturday. I’ve yet to eat food today, yet food is the furthest thing from my mind. This is a normal occurrence for me on Bulletproof Coffee days. Today I woke up, worked out, had a kale shake, and finished my morning off with my personal version of a bulletproof coffee. This is a typical day when I … Read More