CFA Memory Tricks, Level 2

Welcome to Analyst Tricks! Our CFA Memorization Trick Guide for Level 2 features 55 memory tricks for concepts, terms, and formulas. It is a supplementary companion guide, not a full guide, that aims to help Candidates recall those impossible-to-remember items that simply aren’t sticking.

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CFA Level 2 Guide

Why this Companion Guide

I failed Level 2 of the CFA Exam. It isn’t fun. Failing makes you realize how important every single question can be. Every single term, definition, and concept is test-able. Analyst Tricks aims to help you remember the difficult terms, concepts, and formulas that are easy to forget come exam day.

What are CFA “Tricks”?

The tricks in the guide are a combination of heuristics, word play, alliterations, and story telling to help you remember various concepts. Some of them may be a tad off-color or politically incorrect, since as humans, we can remember sensational stories a lot easier than pedestrian terms.

By relating pedestrian and homogenous definitions to sensational stories, you’ll be more successful recalling concepts under pressure on exam day. These sort of silly and amusing associations are the only reason I could remember Breusch Pagan, Heteroskedacity, Butterfly shifts, H-Model formulas, etc., etc., on my L2 Exam Day.


Below are a couple sample memory tricks to give you a flavor of what the supposed ‘tricks’ are like.

Non Parallel Yield Curve Shifts – Save the Butterflies

CFA Fama French Fries Model – Memory Trick

Go here to get my CFA Level 2 Sample Tricks in PDF version. The Sample guide contains four tricks and some additional color on Analyst Tricks. Sign up to the list, get the sample guide in PDF version.

CFA Topics Covered

The guide features 55 Memory tricks for CFA Level 2 Concepts. The bulk of the Tricks cover concepts Economics, Quantitative Methods, and Fixed Income. The balance cover Derivatives, Equity, and Alternatives.

View the full list of Topics Covered

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