Launched! Memorization Tricks for CFA Level 2

ProductPageWith no further ado, my inaugural CFA Memorization Tricks Guide for CFA Level 2 is now available for purchase. Long overdo with the very-late launch, but that’s no surprise.

You can purchase the Guide at a special inaugural launch price of $29

The product will be updated and priced over $29 after June 2015.

Bonuuuuus: Use Promo Code at15 for 15% off the order for reading this far down the blog post 😉

The process of creating a product has been interesting, and has certainly been a lot more work than I imagined. Feel like it was yesterday I was staring at a wad of unorganized CFA notes, thinking I should somehow try to share them. I imagined it’d take a month or two, three tops, to turn them into a somewhat respectable guide. I was certainly wrong.

Information on the CFA Level 2 Guide is all over on the product page. Further, here is a list of topics covered in the guide, if you’re interested in it.

Is the guide perfect? hah. No. But I still think it can offer a lot of value to CFA Level 2 Candidates. The guide offers a few pretty-solid, useful tricks that you’ll find helpful. Will you use all of them? I doubt it. Most of them? Probably not. But I’m confident you’ll find a handful that you’ll study and use on Exam day.